GENDER: Feminine & Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Μαρια (Greek), Маріа (Church Slavic)
PRONOUNCED: mah-REE-ah (Italian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch), mə-REE-ə (Catalan, English), MAHR-yah (Polish), MAH-ree-ah (Finnish)   [key]
Meaning & History
Latin form of Greek Μαρια, from Hebrew מִרְיָם (see MARY). Maria is the usual form of the name in many European languages, as well as a secondary form in other languages such as English (where the common spelling is Mary). In some countries, for example Germany, Poland and Italy, Maria is occasionally used as a masculine middle name.

This was the name of two ruling queens of Portugal. It was also borne by the Habsburg queen Maria Theresa (1717-1780), whose inheritance of the domains of her father, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, began the War of the Austrian Succession.

Related Names
VARIANTS: Marie (German), Mari, Marie (Swedish), Mari, Marie (Norwegian), Mari, Marie (Danish), Marja, Marjo (Dutch), Marie, Mary, Maleah, Mariah (English), Maaria, Marja, Marjo (Finnish), Miren (Basque), Mariam (Biblical Greek)
DIMINUTIVES: Mariella, Marietta, Mimi (Italian), Mariazinha (Portuguese), Mariona, Ona (Catalan), Maja, Mareike, Mariele, Marita, Meike, Mia, Mitzi, Ria (German), Maja, Majken, Mia, My (Swedish), Maiken, Maja, Mia (Norwegian), Maiken, Maja, Majken, Mia (Danish), Jet, Maaike, Marieke, Mariëtte, Marijke, Marike, Mariska, Marita, Meike, Mia, Mieke, Miep, Mies, Ria (Dutch), Maike, Mareike (Frisian), Marika (Greek), Maja, Marika, Maryla, Marzena (Polish), Maarika, Maija, Mari, Marika, Marita, Maritta, Marjatta, Marjukka, Marjut (Finnish), Maia (Basque)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Mariam, Maryam (Arabic), Mariam (Armenian), Maryia (Belarusian), Mary, Miriam (Biblical), Miriam (Biblical Hebrew), Mari (Breton), Mariya (Bulgarian), Marija, Maja, Mara, Mare, Marica, Marijeta, Maša, Mojca (Croatian), Marie, Madlenka, Maja, Marika, Máša (Czech), Maarja, Mari, Mirjam, Maarika, Marika (Estonian), Marie, Myriam, Manon, Marianne, Marielle, Mariette, Marion, Marise (French), María (Galician), Mariam, Mariami, Meri (Georgian), Malia, Mele (Hawaiian), Miriam (Hebrew), Mariamne (History), Mária, Mara, Mari, Marica, Marika, Mariska (Hungarian), María, Mæja (Icelandic), Máire, Maura, Moira, Mairenn, Máirín, Mallaidh, Maureen, Maurine, Moyra (Irish), Marija (Latvian), Marija (Lithuanian), Marija, Maja (Macedonian), Moirrey, Voirrey (Manx), Mere (Maori), Malle, Molle (Medieval English), Maryam (Persian), Mariya, Marya, Manya, Maryana, Masha (Russian), Márjá (Sami), Màiri, Maura, Moira, Moyra (Scottish), Marija, Maja, Mara, Marica (Serbian), Mária, Maja, Marika (Slovak), Marija, Mirjam, Maja, Marica, Maša, Mojca (Slovene), María, Marita (Spanish), Maritza (Spanish (Latin American)), Meryem (Turkish), Mariya (Ukrainian), Meryem (Uyghur), Mair, Mari, Mairwen (Welsh), Mirele (Yiddish)
United States  ranked #115 
England and Wales  ranked #83 
Canada (BC)  - 
Austria  ranked #60 
Catalonia  ranked #5 
Chile  ranked #8 
Croatia  ranked #87 
Denmark  - 
France  ranked #206 
Galicia  ranked #10 
Hungary  - 
Iceland  ranked #30 
Ireland  ranked #63 
Italy  ranked #29 
Netherlands  ranked #57 
New Zealand  ranked #97 
Northern Ireland  ranked #81 
Norway  ranked #26 
Poland  ranked #14 
Scotland  ranked #98 
Spain  ranked #2 
Sweden  ranked #89