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Subject: I love find new names but... this is even a bit much for me...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: February 28, 2002 at 4:28:26 PM
Reply to: KleeAnne & Rylo? by Rachel
I dont think the name Largus and Tsunami is so bad anymore...
I dont think KleeAnn is so bad... not good... deffinatly, but, im not about to burn my ears out over it
I automatically noticed its resemblance to Kleenex, and I do believe it is just Leeann with a 'k' in from, or maybe Klio and Ann combined
As for Rylo, Sounds like Rollo, the chocolate bar, or Rolly, the fat dalamation, or someone who liked J.Lo. to much...
Kayson Sterling is a nice name, and Whitney, not my preference, is a common enough name, as for Shyma... sounds like Shiny and Shimmy...
Perhaps instead of a family being upset at not having 'common normal names' camly and thoughtfully purpose to them the idea of changing them on the basis of how the public will view the child.
I have seen many children with bizarre to unique names be treated very differently just because of what their parents chose.
I do believe those names will cause teasing and be detrimental to the childrens upbringing.
The fact that you dont like that names probably means squat to them, so show them a better reason.
Maybe they can call the children by their middle names, not Sterling of Shyma though...
Shyma also sounds like Shammy... as in the thing i clean the car with or the black board
BTW i never knew Sterling was a name, so thankz ;)


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