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Subject: KleeAnne & Rylo?
Author: Rachel   (guest)
Date: February 28, 2002 at 2:38:24 PM
My sister, Rebecca, just had twins, a boy and a girl. Our family is up in arms over the names she and her husband, Timothy, have chosen:

Girl: KleeAnne Whitney Shyma
Boy: Rylo Sterling Kayson

Our family is used to traditional names. My brother's name is Peter and his children's names are Diane, Christopher, and Nathan. My other sister's names is Pamela and her children's names are James and Emily. I, Rachel, named my daughter, Katherine.

Why would my sister and her husband choose names that don't exist? Have you heard of these names? Our parents are very displeased with this! I know we can't change there minds, but are these real names?

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