GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: nə-THAN-ee-əl (English), nə-THAN-yəl (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
Variant of NATHANAEL. It has been regularly used in the English-speaking world since the Protestant Reformation. This has been the most popular spelling, even though the spelling Nathanael is found in most versions of the New Testament. The American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864), author of 'The Scarlet Letter', was a famous bearer of this name.
Related Names
DIMINUTIVES: Nat, Nate (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Nathanael (Biblical Greek), Nethanel (Biblical Hebrew), Nathanahel (Biblical Latin), Natanail (Bulgarian), Nathanaël (French), Natanaele (Italian), Natanail (Macedonian), Natanael, Nataniel (Portuguese), Natanael, Nataniel (Spanish)
United States  ranked #94 
England and Wales  ranked #127 
Canada (BC)  - 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #82 
New Zealand  ranked #89