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Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. NAT
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Meaning & History

Short form of NATHAN, NATHANIEL, NATALIE, or other names beginning with Nat.
VariantsNate, Tasha
Other Languages & CulturesLatasha, Natisha(African American) Natallia(Belarusian) Nathan, Nathaniel, Nethanel, Nathanael, Nethaneel(Biblical) Nathan, Nathanael(Biblical Greek) Natan, Netan'el(Biblical Hebrew) Nathan, Nathanahel(Biblical Latin) Natanail(Bulgarian) Natàlia(Catalan) Natalija, Nataša(Croatian) Natálie, Nataša(Czech) Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie(Danish) Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie(Dutch) Natacha, Nathalie, Nathan, Naël, Nathanaël(French) Natalia(Georgian) Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie(German) Natalia(Greek) Natan, Nathan, Netanel(Hebrew) Natália(Hungarian) Natalia, Natalina, Natanaele(Italian) Natalia(Late Roman) Natālija(Latvian) Natalija, Natanail, Nataša(Macedonian) Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie(Norwegian) Natalia, Natasza, Natalka(Polish) Natacha, Natália, Natalina, Natanael, Nataniel(Portuguese) Nathália(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Natalia(Romanian) Natalia, Nataliya, Natalya, Natasha, Nata, Natali, Tasha(Russian) Natalija, Nataša(Serbian) Natália, Nataša(Slovak) Natalija, Nataša(Slovene) Natalia, Neizan, Natanael, Nataniel(Spanish) Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie(Swedish) Natalia, Nataliya, Natali, Natalka(Ukrainian) Nosson(Yiddish)

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