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ScriptsНаташа Russian
PronouncedPron.nu-TA-shə Russian
nə-TAHSH-ə English

Meaning & History

Russian diminutive of NATALYA. This is the name of a character in Leo Tolstoy's novel 'War and Peace' (1865). It has been used in the English-speaking world only since the 20th century.
VariantNata Russian
DiminutivesTasha Russian Nat, Tasha English
Other Languages & CulturesLatasha, Natisha African American Natalija, Nataša Croatian Natálie Czech Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie Danish Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie Dutch Natacha, Nathalie French Natalia Georgian Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie German Natalia Greek Natália Hungarian Natalia Italian Natalia Late Roman Natālija Latvian Natalija, Nataša Macedonian Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie Norwegian Natalia, Natasza, Natalka Polish Natacha, Natália Portuguese Nathália Portuguese (Brazilian) Natalia Romanian Natalija, Nataša Serbian Natália Slovak Natalija, Nataša Slovene Natalia Spanish Natalia, Natalie, Nathalie Swedish Natalia, Nataliya, Natali, Natalka Ukrainian
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