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Subject: Some thoughts...
Author: Ivayla   (guest,
Date: March 3, 2002 at 6:30:09 PM
Reply to: Re: How 'bout LeeAnne and Ryan - they sound like a compromise n/t by Lissa
Hmm, LeeAnne is already composed of 2 names, don't you think another 2 names would be too much? Just my opinion... How about
LeeAnne Savannah -
1. Lee = meadow, pairs up with Savannah ;)
2. Or Lee as a form of Leah - gazelle + Anne - grace -> LeeAnne = graceful gazelle - sounds good with Savannah :)
3. Or Lee as a form of Leah, which could mean "mistress" -> LeeAnne Savannah - graceful mistress of the savannah and
Ryan Gratian Leslie -
Ryan - little king, Gratian - graceful, Leslie - meadow land -> Ryan Gratian Leslie - graceful king of the meadow. I do hope your BIL's last name is not Leslie :)...
Hope that stirs some ideas :o)

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