Subject: Its all Greek to me
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: March 10, 2002 at 9:36:38 AM
Reply to: classification help by Mike C
Mike, I suggest that you also include the designation “Byzantine Greek” to fill in the gap of Hellenic names spanning from late antiquity up to the Ottoman Empire.
Here are a couple of suggestions:

AMARANTA f Ancient Greek (Anglicized) form of Ancient Greek AMARANTE
AMINTA f and AMYNTA f => Ancient Greek (Anglicized) Variant of Ancient Greek AMYNTIA (f) and Ancient Greek AMYNTEA (f)
ARGYROS => Byzantine Greek. Name of Byzantine military.
ARIANA – contemporary Greek concoction.
ARISTA f Greek Mythology, Deity related to Artemis
ATHANAS m Ancient Greek Historian 4th Century BCE
ATTICUS m Ancient Greek (Latinized) form of ATTIKOS
CLETUS m Ancient Greek (Latinized) form of KLETOS (m). Related names include KLETIAS (m) KLETE (f) and KLETA (f)
CYPRIAN m - Byzantine Greek
DELPHIA f – Ancient Greek
DELPHINIA f - Greek Mythology
DEMI f Greek
ELPIDA f Greek form of Ancient Greek ELPIS (hope)
ERASMUS m – Greek Byzantine
EUMELIA f Ancient Greek => related to “good apple” (eu melon) not "good honey" Related names include EUMELOS (m) and EUMELIS (f)
EUTROPIA f – Ancient Greek
HALCYON m - Ancient Greek (Anglicized)
HIPPOLYTA f - Ancient Greek (Anglicized) form of HIPPOLYTE.
HYPATIA f Byzantine Greek
IOLA f Greek

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