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Meaning & History

Short form of MICHAEL.
VariantsMick, Mickey, Micky, Mikey
Other Languages & CulturesMikha'il Arabic Mikel, Mitxel Basque Michael Biblical Michael, Mikhael Biblical Greek Mikha'el Biblical Hebrew Michael Biblical Latin Mihail, Mikhail, Misho Bulgarian Miquel Catalan Myghal Cornish Mihael, Mihovil, Miho, Mijo, Miško Croatian Michael, Michal Czech Michael, Mikael, Mikkel Danish Maikel, Michaël, Michael, Michel, Michiel, Micha, Mick Dutch Miĥaelo, Mikelo, Miĉjo Esperanto Mihkel Estonian Mikkjal Faroese Mikael, Mika, Mikko, Miska Finnish Michel, Michaël, Mickaël French Mikheil, Misho Georgian Michael, Micha, Michel, Michi German Michail, Michalis, Mihail, Mihalis Greek Mikala Hawaiian Mikha'el Hebrew Mihály, Miksa, Misi, Miska Hungarian Mícheál Irish Michele Italian Mihails, Miķelis Latvian Mykolas Lithuanian Mihail Macedonian Mikaere Maori Michel Medieval French Michael, Mikael, Mikkel Norwegian Michał Polish Miguel, Miguelito Portuguese Mihai, Mihail, Mihăiță Romanian Michail, Mikhail, Misha Russian Mihkkal Sami Mìcheal, Micheil Scottish Mihailo, Mihajlo, Mijo, Miša, Miško Serbian Michal Slovak Mihael, Miha Slovene Miguel, Miguelito Spanish Michael, Mikael Swedish Mikail Turkish Mikhailo, Mykhailo, Mykhaylo, Mykhail Ukrainian Meical Welsh


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