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Subject: Re: Triplet Names
Author: Jensy   (guest)
Date: March 20, 2002 at 4:10:52 PM
Reply to: Triplet Names by Kimberley
Wow, this is unique! There are so many possibilities! I'll come up with some good ones later here are some off the top of my head

Aidan: Nadia,Adina,Andia,Dania,Diana,Naiad

Alexander: Alexandre

Miranda: Mardian

Alexandia (Alexander & Andia) Mirabera (Miranda & Kimberley) Alexiana (Alexander & Mardian)

When trying to find names for triplets you probably will want meaning combos, nice rings ect, or relation. You can always just go with names you like the most that sound good together.

Mia & Aimee & Alannah : My Beloved Child (Meaning)

Skye & Eve & Dawn

Skylar & Robin & Larkanne

Savannah & Syndey & India

Jade & Scarlette & Sage

Alease (Variant of Eloise which means sun) & Selene (Selena also) & Estelle

(Sun, Moon, and star)

Also you can link middle names as well.

Sorry, I’m tired today. Give some better ones later.

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