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Subject: Re:Name Quiz Answers
Author: Kissy   (guest)
Date: April 5, 2002 at 2:44:19 PM
Reply to: Name Quiz by Kissy
male names

Merripen (MAIR-i-pen) English Gypsy: a paradoxical name that can mean either "life" or "death."

Hute (HOO-te) Native American: "star." Indian name for the star in the handle of the constellation Ursa Major, better known as the Big Dipper.

Enli (EN-lee) Athabascan: "here below dog" and implies "that dog over there" Originally the name have referred to a dog the father or mother spotted shortly after the child was born.

Zeheb (zeh-HEB) Turkish: "gold."

Yazid (YAH-zeed) "he will increase" Arabic name which dates to antiquity and is almost identical in the Hebrew Joseph, "God will increase" in the sence of power and influence will grow. The difference is that the "he" in the Arabic name refers to the bearer of the name, whereas in the Hebrew, "God" refers, of course, to Jehovah. Nickname would be Zaid (Arabic)

female names

Lesya (LESH-yah) A favorite Russian pet form of Alexandra, "Helper and defender of mankind."

Klarika (KLAH-ree-kah) Hungarian and Slavic form of Claire, "brilliant" or "illustrious"

Chuma (CHOO-mah) Mashona, southern Rhodesia: "Bead."

Aziza (ah-ZEE-ah) Swahili: "precious."

Zayit (zigh-EET) Hebrew: "olive" Also used in Israel as boys' name.

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