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GENDER: Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Αλεξανδρα (Greek), Александра (Russian, Ukrainian)
PRONOUNCED: al-əg-ZAN-drə (English), a-le-KSAN-dra (German), ah-lək-SAHN-drah (Dutch), A-LUG-ZAHN-DRA (French), a-le-KSAN-dhra (Greek), ə-li-SHUN-drə (European Portuguese), a-le-SHUN-dru (Brazilian Portuguese), a-lek-SAN-dra (Romanian, Spanish, Italian), A-lek-san-dra (Slovak), A-LE-KSAN-DRA (Classical Greek)   [details]
Meaning & History
Feminine form of ALEXANDER. In Greek mythology this was a Mycenaean epithet of the goddess Hera, and an alternate name of Cassandra. It was borne by several early Christian saints, and also by the wife of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia. She was from Germany and had the birth name Alix, but was renamed Александра (Aleksandra) upon joining the Russian Church.
1990s, British royal family, DC Comics characters, goddesses, Luxembourgish grand-ducal family, Monegasque princely family, mythology, Norwegian royal family, Orthodox saints, Quantico characters, queens, saints, top 10 in Canada
Related Names
VARIANTS: Alexandrea, Alexandria, Alexandrina (English), Alexandrine, Alexandrie (French), Alexandrina (Portuguese), Alejandra (Spanish), Alessandra (Italian), Aleksandra (Russian), Aleksandra, Oleksandra (Ukrainian)
DIMINUTIVES: Alex, Alexa, Ali, Allie, Ally, Lexa, Lexi, Lexie, Lexine, Lexy, Sandy, Zandra, Alexina, Alyx, Drina, Sandie (English), Alexa (German), Alex, Xandra (Dutch), Sassa (Swedish), Aleka (Greek), Sanda (Romanian), Alexa, Szandra (Hungarian), Ale (Spanish), Alessa, Sandra (Italian), Aleksandrina, Asya, Sanya, Sasha, Shura (Russian), Lesya, Sasha (Ukrainian)
MASCULINE FORMS: Alexander (English), Alexander (German), Alexander (Dutch), Alexandre (French), Alexander (Swedish), Aleksander, Alexander (Norwegian), Alexander (Danish), Alexander (Icelandic), Alexandros (Greek), Alexandre (Portuguese), Alexandru (Romanian), Alexandr (Czech), Alexander (Slovak), Alexander (Hungarian), Alejandro (Spanish), Alessandro (Italian), Aleksandr (Russian), Aleksandr, Oleksander, Oleksandr (Ukrainian), Alexander, Alexandros (Ancient Greek), Alexander, Alexandros (Greek Mythology)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Aleksandra, Aleksandrina, Sashka (Bulgarian), Aleksandra, Sanda, Sandra, Saša (Croatian), Aleksandra (Estonian), Alastríona (Irish), Sandra (Latvian), Sandra (Lithuanian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Sashka (Macedonian), Aleksandra, Ola, Sandra (Polish), Saundra (Scottish), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Serbian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Slovene)
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England and Wales  ranked #116 
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Czech Republic  ranked #85 
France  ranked #283 
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Mexico  ranked #57 
Netherlands  ranked #393 
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