Given Name SANDY

GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: SAN-dee  [details]

Meaning & History

Originally a diminutive of ALEXANDER. As a feminine name it is a diminutive of ALEXANDRA or SANDRA. It can also be given in reference to the colour.
FEMININE FORMS: Alexandra, Alexandrea, Alexandria
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Aleksandër, Skënder (Albanian), Eskender (Amharic), Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandros (Ancient Greek), Iskandar (Arabic), Aleksandr (Armenian), Alesander (Basque), Aliaksandr (Belarusian), Alexander (Biblical), Alexandros (Biblical Greek), Aleksandar, Skender (Bosnian), Aleksandar, Aleksandra, Aleksandrina, Asya, Sashka, Sasho (Bulgarian), Alexandra, Alexandre, Àlex (Catalan), Aleksandar, Aleksandra, Sandra, Sanda, Sandi, Saša (Croatian), Alexandr, Alexandra, Aleš (Czech), Alexander, Alexandra, Sandra, Aleksander, Alex, Sander (Danish), Alexander, Alexandra, Sandra, Alex, Lex, Sander, Xander, Xandra (Dutch), Aleksandro, Aleĉjo (Esperanto), Aleksander, Aleksandra (Estonian), Aleksanteri, Ale, Samppa, Santeri, Santtu (Finnish), Alexandra, Alexandre, Alexandrine, Sandra, Sandrine, Alex, Alexandrie, Sacha, Sasha (French), Alexandre (Galician), Aleksandre, Sandro (Georgian), Alexander, Alexandra, Sandra, Alex, Alexa, Sascha (German), Alexandra, Alexandros, Aleka, Alekos, Alex (Greek), Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandros (Greek Mythology), Alexander, Alexandra, Alex, Alexa, Sándor, Sanyi, Szandra (Hungarian), Alexander, Alexandra, Sandra, Alex (Icelandic), Iskandar (Indonesian), Alastar, Alastríona (Irish), Alessandra, Alessandro, Sandra, Ale, Alessa, Alex, Alexandra, Sandro (Italian), Aleksandrs, Sandra (Latvian), Aleksandras, Sandra (Lithuanian), Aleksandar, Aleksandra, Sandra, Aca, Ace, Aco, Sashka, Sasho (Macedonian), Iskandar (Malay), Aleksander, Alexander, Alexandra, Sandra, Alex, Sander (Norwegian), Sikandar (Pashto), Eskandar (Persian), Aleksander, Aleksandra, Sandra, Aleks, Ola, Olek (Polish), Alexandra, Alexandre, Alexandrina, Sandra, Alex, Xande, Xandinho (Portuguese), Alexandra, Alexandru, Sandra, Alex, Sanda, Sandu (Romanian), Aleksandr, Aleksandra, Alexandra, Aleks, Aleksandrina, Alex, Asya, Sanya, Sasha, Shura (Russian), Alasdair, Alastair, Alistair, Alister, Saundra, Sawney, Ally (Scottish), Aleksandar, Aleksandra, Sandra, Aca, Aco, Saša (Serbian), Alexander, Alexandra, Aleš (Slovak), Aleksander, Aleksandra, Sandra, Aleks, Aleš, Sandi, Saša, Sašo (Slovene), Alejandra, Alejandro, Sandra, Ale, Alexandra (Spanish), Alexander, Alexandra, Sandra, Alex, Sassa (Swedish), İskender (Turkish), Aleksandr, Aleksandra, Alexandra, Oleksander, Oleksandr, Oleksandra, Lesya, Oles, Sasha (Ukrainian), Sikandar (Urdu), Sender (Yiddish)


Animal Crossing characters, brown, colors, currently out of the US top 1000, diminutives, Hamtaro characters, male to female, retired Atlantic hurricane names, SpongeBob SquarePants characters, Stephen King characters, storms, Trigun characters, word names, y vowels
Entry updated July 28, 2009