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Subject: Re: Off topic (if we even had one)...
Author: Barb   (guest,
Date: May 4, 2002 at 11:55:05 AM
Reply to: Off topic (if we even had one)... by Daividh
1) Tofutti: Mike's Dad and I met at the University of Victoria and after graduating in Biology he got a job with the brand new Pacific Rim National Park near Tofino. I finished my degree and worked for a year in Victoria then in '72 we got hitched and I moved out here. We both worked seasonally for the park and scrounged whatever work we could get in the winter until Mike's dad got full time employment with the park. Wee Mikey came on the scene in '75. Despite uncertainties in housing and employment (and the odd winter elsewhere) we nestled our way into this community and still love it despite the summer tourist influx.2) Our "Banana Slugs", Ariolimas columbianus, are enormous (up to 10 inches long). "Slugging": now this is a loose term depending upon whether you're a gardener (out at dawn gruesomely impaling them on any handy stick) or a naturalist (patiently observing them foraging along the forest floor) Hours of the latter have cured me of the former occasional wild rampage. I've learned to live with them and find that as long as I don't plant dahlias and other tempting and vulnerable slug delights, I'm no longer a victim of "slug rage".

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