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Subject: A Concise History of the Anagram Oracle
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: May 28, 2002 at 12:38:59 AM
Reply to: Re: Danger! Danger! by rose
The Anagram Oracle is believed by some to be the ultimate source of wisdom and insight. Clinical studies have proven its predictions to be 99.9% more accurate than the Kabalarian competition, at half the standard deviation. Many leading figures from politics and business have been known to consult it.

Several major religions including Zoroastrianism ("Is a Nazism rotor"), Agnosticism ("Isn't so magic!"), Hinduism ("Humid sin"),Islam ("I Slam"), Scientology ("Isn't ecology"), Satanism ("A mint ass"), Judaism ("I'm Judas"), and Christianity ("Is tin charity") have meen known to secretly consult it.

Here's are some recorded testimonies:

* Heraclitus ("A cruel shit"): "AO is the father of all"

* Madeleine Albright ("Am a bleeding Hitler"): "The AO was a big-time source of inspiration throughout my razing down of them pesky civilians in Belgrade"

* James Brown ("Mr Jawbones"): "Makes me get down 'n' get up"

* National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice ("Crazed,overzealous, idiotical cretin annoys"): "Without the AO, I would still be doing research at Harvard!")

* John Maynard Keynes ("Any jerk hands money"): "The AO was the true inspiration of FDR's New Deal"

* President Joseph Lieberman ("Semi-senile chap in perverted job"): "Had I only discovered the AO earlier...maybe it would have happened"

* Pamela Anderson Lee ("Deplores anal enema"): "Provided me with extra support during by rocky marriage"

By the way, I dont really care for the name you suggested. Sorry, but you asked.

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