GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: DUL-an (Welsh), DIL-ən (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
From the Welsh elements dy "great" and llanw "tide, flow". In Welsh mythology Dylan was a god or hero associated with the sea. He was the son of Arianrhod and was accidentally slain by his uncle Govannon.

Famous bearers include the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) and the American musician Bob Dylan (1941-), real name Robert Zimmerman, who took his stage surname from the poet's given name. Due to those two bearers, use of the name has spread outside of Wales in the last half of the 20th century. It received a further boost in popularity in the 1990s due to a character on the television series 'Beverly Hills 90210'.

Related Names
VARIANTS: Dillan, Dillon (English)
United States  ranked #28 for boys
 ranked #489 for girls
England and Wales  ranked #31 for boys 
Canada (BC)  ranked #36 for boys 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #65 for boys 
Belgium  - 
Catalonia  ranked #69 for boys 
Chile  ranked #71 for boys 
France  ranked #62 for boys 
Ireland  ranked #20 for boys 
Netherlands  ranked #58 for boys 
New Zealand  ranked #50 for boys 
Northern Ireland  ranked #25 for boys 
Scotland  ranked #36 for boys 
Spain  ranked #100 for boys