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Subject: Re: To all Titanic fans and all name connoisseurs
Author: Lucille   (guest)
Date: June 4, 2002 at 2:38:24 PM
Reply to: To all Titanic fans and all name connoisseurs by Shea Quinten
Ooh, great! :) I love the movie, I have both the VHS tape and the DVD, yay! ;)

Ehm, names, eh? Chique names, that's just my cup of tea! :)

Rose's brother:

Rupert DeWitt Bukater
Cedric DeWitt Bukater
Montgomery DeWitt Bukater
Charles DeWitt Bukater
Arthur DeWitt Bukater
Percival DeWitt Bukater (or just Percy)
Roderick DeWitt Bukater
Cadfael DeWitt Bukater

Jack Dawson's sister:

Ruth Dawson
Muriel Dawson
Ciara Dawson
Deirdre Dawson
Emily Dawson
Emma Dawson
Erin Dawson
Kenna Dawson
Kerry Dawson
Maeve Dawson

Jack and Rose's daughter:

Julia Dawson
Rosa Dawson
Amelia Dawson
Celia Dawson
Flora Dawson
Eliza Dawson
Rachel Dawson

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