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Subject: More interesting facts about Russian names
Author: Freddo   (guest,
Date: March 6, 2005 at 4:30:21 PM
Reply to: Re: I'm confused by Freddo
Something else Interesting about Russian names (while I'm procrastinating with regards to the essay I'm supposed to be writing!):

It is standard in Russia to have 3 names: a forename (imya), chosen by parents; a patronymic (otchestva), derived from the father's forename ('otez' is the Russian for 'father'); and a surname (familia), ie a family name.

So If Ivan Vladimirovich Smirnov chose the names Alexandr and Maria for his son and daughter respectively, their names in full would be:
Alexandr Ivanovich Smirnov
Maria Ivanovna Smirnova
(note the feminine endings)

Russians do not use equivalents to 'Mr' or 'Mrs'. Instead they would formally introduce themselves or be referred to by their forename and patronymic.

So Ivan's children would formally be addressed/ refered to as
Alexandr Ivanovich and Maria Ivanova rather than Mr and Miss Sirnov.

When on more intimate terms however, only the forename is used, and usually the intimate form of that.

So the Smirnov children above would probably be called Sasha and Masha by family and freinds etc.

Haha... food for thought maybe... back to the essay now (though bed is very tempting!)

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