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Subject: Origin of my name
Author: Yvan   (Authenticated as tinidril)
Date: March 19, 2005 at 6:40:56 PM
I've been trying to trace the origin of my name through the internet for years, but all I find are French Canadian *men*, not a single female with my given name! The closest I've seen is an actress named Evan, but it is pronounced EH-van not ee-VAN as is mine. Here is the history of my name:

When I was born, my mother's friend (who was from England) suggested "Evan" pronouncing it "ee-VAN". She told my mother it was Welch. My mother didn't want people to call me "EH-van" so she changed the 'e' to 'y'. Now nobody knows how to pronounce my name! LOL! Anyway, I have tried to verify that it is Welch in origin, but have not seen any indication that the feminine pronunciation of Evan is different. Rather, I have seen many, many feminine forms of Evan (or John), but NONE of them are pronounced as is mine. The closest pronunciation is an Irish name "Eavan" pronounced "EE-van" but its etymology has nothing to do with a form of "John". I'm stumped...

Anyone here more knowledgeable or have a resource I could check?

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