Given Name YVONNE

GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: EE-VAWN (French), i-VAWN (English), ee-VAWN (German)  [details]

Meaning & History

French feminine form of YVON. It has been regularly used in the English-speaking world since the late 19th century.
VARIANTS: Evonne, Lavonne, Lavone (English), Ivonne (German), Ivonne (Dutch)
MASCULINE FORMS: Yves, Yvon (French), Ivo (German), Ivo, Yvo (Dutch)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Ivet (Bulgarian), Ivona (Croatian), Iva, Iveta, Ivona, Ivka (Czech), Ivona (Macedonian), Iwona (Polish), Ivone, Ivonette (Portuguese), Ivona (Serbian), Iveta, Ivona (Slovak), Ivette, Ivonne (Spanish)


currently out of the US top 1000, Dionne family, green, nature, plants, red, trees
Entry updated July 2, 2017