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Subject: Re: significance of "Jr."
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 9, 2001 at 3:44:56 AM
Reply to: Re: significance of "Jr." by Daividh
"I agree with Nan 99%. Only if you're the King of Great Britain, Queensland, and Northern Territories (or P.L.'s sovereign, the King of Southeast Belgium) should you retain the Roman numerals after your predecessors croak."

@@@@ Yep. Even though every new baby is a little princess or prince in their parents' eyes, at least. :)

"Many Americans are a bit slow to realize that, but at least we're smart enough to avoid royalty in the first place. (Britain's is only held together by the powerful Matching Hat/Purse/Coat Purveyors lobby. Wise up people! Trade the whole sorry lot for one good orthodonist!)"

@@@@ If I was Queen of America, corgis would be *out* and minpins would rule!

"But I'm not sure about the III-to-Jr bit. My recollection is that it should be III-to-II, which at least acknowledges that there might have been someone bearing your name before your Dad."

@@@@ I think the original idea was just to keep the "family name" from ever "dying", regardless, much as surnames today do. But etiquette rules are in constant evolution and flux, and it's likely the "rules" could have changed. I was quoting from Amy Vanderbilt, who now happens to be dead and quite correctly buried. :)

"I used to be a "II", but coming from a family of dirt-poor illegal alien Scottish coal miners (who despised the Royals and anyone else with money), it seemed unbearably stuffy. I didn't use it much."

@@@@ Calling oneself a "Number II" can have distinct disadvantages in Elementary School. Huhhhh uh uh huuuuh. :)

-- Nanaea

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