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Subject: Re: patriotic names
Author: Satu   (guest,
Date: September 11, 2002 at 5:16:23 PM
Reply to: patriotic names by Holly
Here are some European "patriotic" names:

Bavaria – woman from Bavaria (Southern Germany)
Brittany, Brittney, Brittani, Bryttany, Bryttani..... – woman from Brittany (Northwestern France)
Dan – man from Denmark
Dana – woman from Denmark
Engel, Engela – Anglian woman (Old German folk name in Northern Germany)
Engel – man from Angeln (Old German folk name in Northern Germany)
Erin, Eirinn, Eryn… - woman from Eire (Ireland)
Finn, Fynn – man from Finland
Finja, Finnja – woman from Finland
Flemming – Fleming (Northwestern Belgium)
Franciska, Francoise, Francesca, Franka... – woman from France
Francis, Frank… - man from France
Friso – man from Frisia
Germania, Germana, Germaine… - woman from Germany
Germann, German, Germain, Garman… – man from Germany
Göta – woman from Gothia (Sweden)
Göte, Göt, Götar – man from Gothia (Sweden)
Hesso, Hasso – man from Hesse (Germany)
Huno, Hunno – Hun (Old German folk name in Eastern Europe)
Iberia – woman from Iberia (Spain and Portugal)
Itala, Italia – woman from Italy
Italo, Italus – man from Italy
Jytte, Jutta, Jütte, Jutte… - woman from Jylland (Denmark)
Norma – woman from Norway
Norman, Nore, Normann – man from Norway
Saxe, Saxo – man from Saxony (Eastern Germany)
Saskia – woman from Saxony (Eastern Germany)
Scott – man from Scottland
Scotia – woman from Scottland
Suoma – woman from Finland
Svea – woman from Svealand (Sweden)
Wallace – man from Wales
Wendel, Wendelin… - Wandalen-man (Old German folk name from Northern Jylland, Denmark)
Wendela, Vendela, Wendelke… - Wandalen-woman (Old German folk name from Northern Jylland, Denmark)


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