Subject: Oooo, Daividh! You make me so MAD!
Author: Tiffany Biffany Bop   (guest)
Date: September 18, 2002 at 6:16:29 AM
Reply to: names by ATTN: daividh
I'm so mad right now that I just had to do this special posting to TELL YOU OFF! You are very, very rude and obnoxious and irreverent!

And your friends are just as bad for encouraging you by rolling all over this message board laughing at people like me!

Why can't we all just get along?

1) I actually prefer Jordan to Jordyn, but my DH (that stands for DEAR HUSBAND -- not Dental Hygenist) likes it better this way. Also seeing the name Jordan, a person would think "boy.", although I will admit that perhaps more literate people might associate the name with the river Jordan, the Christian River Styx of scriptual reference, and the expression "crossing the Jordan", which symbolises dying and death. And how on earth does adding a "Y" constitute "trailer" ?? If anything, it makes the name appear less morbid and more life-affirming!!!!

2) Just so you know "Mackenzie" is going to be called by her mn (that stands for "middle name" -- not Minnesota) because of a family tradition on my DH's (this time I *am* talking about my Dental Hygenist) side of the family. Many people go by their mns, nothing is wrong with that.

3) Mac- does mean "son of..." but obviously, I don't care seeing as my first daughter will be named Mackenzie, after the famous crackhead, Mackenzie Phillips, who first brought that name to public awareness and popularity in the 70s. PLUS... where I come from, naming your child Mackenzie now would be about the same as naming him Natalie. [Editor's comment: "Him"?] Also, where I come from, getting your baby tattoo'ed is not at all considered unusual, either.

4) How is it irresponsible to have 6 kids, unless you are from China? I want a large family, and I am free to do so. THAT comment was just completely stupid. I don't even like Chinese food!!!!

Just what is your problem, Daividh??? You've just completely RUINED my day today!


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