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Subject: Names from the paper
Author: Arimaen   (guest)
Date: September 26, 2002 at 10:13:02 PM
Now over the Montana Cheyenne business, I had a look at the births in today's paper to "see what I could see".

Okay then we have....

GIRL- RUBY ASTA-I like this, I've always loved the name Ruby and Asta is interesting.

BOY-MITCHELL RYAN-Not keen on either but its a biased opinion for both the Mitchell and the Ryan I know were both idiots!

GIRL- TAHLIA JEAN- Love Tahlia! Jean's a little boring but it flows nicely with Tahlia.

GIRL TWINS- AIMEE BRIANNA-Prefer Amy. Used to like Brianna, until it got too popular where I live!
and KATIE JOANNE-Katie is too cutesy for me. Joanne is okay but I much prefer Johanna (Johanna is also the name of one of my closest friends).

BOY -JASPER FLYNN-Jasper's a bit icky to me but I love Flynn!

BOY-ROAN PATRICK-LOVE BOTH!! I like Irish boy's names.

GIRL-RUBI ANNE-No! Ruby can never be Rubi! That's just awful! Anne is boring.

GIRL-ASHLEIGH ROSE-Ashleigh! Eeewww! This spelling is especially awful there are so many little kindy kids called Ashleigh! Boys and girls! Rose is SO boring.

GIRL-EMILY SARAH-Both nice but (especially Sarah) too popular!

GIRL-LAURA-No matter how already popular this name is I will always love it! My friend's name!

GIRL-TARA LILY-Nice but unfortunately my image of Taras is a little tainted by a not-so-nice person I know. Lily is a pretty name.

GIRL-HARMONY ROSE-Harmony okay for a musical person other than that, trashy! Rose=yaaawwwn


GIRL-SAGE LILLIAN-Both names are beautiful.

GIRL-SHAELYN THERESA-Shaely-not fond of it Shae on its own is better. I Love Theresa! I think Theresa Shae would have been a better idea it sounds better.

GIRL-HOLLY JOY-Yuck and yuck.

BOY (i think!)-BAILEY ETHAN-Bailey is too feminine, Ethan is ok.

BOY-ZANE DARBY-Zane is cool. Its okay until dopey Darby comes and spoils it.

BOY-SIMON PATRICK BURTON LESLIE-Simon Patrick is enough! Burton and Leslie are NMS.

BOY-LIAM MELCHIOR-Love it, especially Liam.

GIRL-ELIZABETH GRACE-It flows nice and I like Elizabeth but Grace is just too common as a middle name.

GIRL-KATISHA AMANDA-Katisha is interesting but also a bit trashy. Amanda is a very pretty name but also a bit plain.

BOY-JACK EDWARD-Boring boring boring. Edward makes me think of senile old men.

BOY-LEO ROGER-Leo is a great name but Roger spoils it.


GIRL-HANNAH DIANE-NO NO NO! Hannah WAS a great name, but now EVERYONE seems to use it where I live! Diane is trashy and bland.

GIRL-KIRA TEALE-Kira is nice but I think of it as a trashy name. Teal is better than Teale.

BOY-WILL ANTON-I like William, Anton is one of my favorite boy's names!

BOY- THOMAS GLENN-Both are ok yet a little boring.

GIRL-KIARA ROSE-Rose again! Kiara is trash.

GIRL-ELLA MIRANDA-Both names are beautiful, especially Ella.

BOY-JAKOB ANTHONY-That's not how you spell Jacob! Anthony is so-so.

and ALYSSA-Too cutesy and popular! At least the two names go well together.

GIRL-KATELYN ROSE (KATIE)-ROSE AGAIN ARRRGHH! Katelyn? I though it was Caitlin! Besides Katelyn looks contrived and trashy. Katie is too cutesy.

GIRL-TALIA MARY-Talia is nice but Mary is bland. Good flow though.

GIRL-MIKAYLAH ROSE-ROSE NO NO NO NO! boooorring. And what on Earth is Mikaylah? Some people can't spell, its Michaela!

Phewww! Out of those my favorites are boys-Liam Melchior
Roan Patrick
Will Anton
And Girls- Tara Lily
Sage Lillian
Ella Miranda

I also like Tahlia, Talia, Elizabeth, Theresa, Laura
Simon, Leo, Flynn, Zane and Ethan.

From Arimaen

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