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Subject: Re: Names from the paper
Author: Anneza   (guest,
Date: September 27, 2002 at 12:58:48 AM
Reply to: Names from the paper by Arimaen
Katisha Amanda just blows my socks off! Amanda is pretty production-line stuff, but Katisha! Not only does it sound like a sneeze, it's the name of the contralto in The Mikado - typical G & S older woman, fierce and furious, desperate to marry the hero but ends up with a totally wimpish person she will dominate for ever through a wonderful turn of the plot. Oh well, the same opera contains a (soprano, natch) heroine called Yum-Yum, so it could have been worse... but I'll be whistling happily all day, so I do thank you!

In fact, your list was really interesting. Not much birth-noticing happens where I live now - maybe one or two a day in the biggest daily paper, and they tend to be Jewish parents with systems of their own - also heavy US influence, actually, with the occasional Dorit or Ilan. Just one of the things South Africans mostly don't do.

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