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Subject: Re: What does the name Ligia mean?
Author: PriaposLovs   (guest,
Date: February 18, 2001 at 1:30:20 AM
Reply to: Re: What does the name Ligia mean? by Daividh
Not only is Poe's Ligeia up Nan's alley -- as out "legal alien in Kintuckie" so aptly noted -- but in addition Ligeia *may* share a common ethymological meaning with Nanaea/Nanaia :)
Ligeia is a rather rare classical Greek name, documented in "A
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names" (Volume II, Ed. by M. J. Osborne and S. B. Byrne, Oxford University Press,1994). The name is most probably related to "ligon" meaning "small, slight". Likewise Nanaia may *possibly* be related to the name Nana which is derived from "nano" (also meaning "small, slight, smurfy"). (Although Nanaia may well be derived from the Goddess Athena (Nanaia < Athenaia "of Athena" < Athena).

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