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Subject: Re: Attn:- "Daividh"
Author: Daividh   (guest,
Date: May 7, 2005 at 7:04:38 PM
Reply to: Attn:- "Daividh" by Bobby Darin

I think you're overreacting both to my original post and to my followup. What I saw was two posting identities asking basically the same type of questions on related subjects from the same IP address, which certainly appeared that it could be an MPD situation. The purpose of my first post was simply to point out the rule regarding MPDs and the problems we'd had over several years in the past.

If I'm guilty of anything, it's of not poring over the archives to see what'd gone on or been explained on this subject already during my absence, which would've made my post unnecessary. But frankly, I don't have the time or inclination to read 18 months of previous posts. That said, I've reviewed what I wrote in both posts and don't see anything particularly uncivil therein. (If someone other than Bobby or I feels differently on that score, pls. advise.)

I'm not sure how you construe "Paging Mr. Darin" as making fun of your name. It's hardly different than saying "Attn: Bobby Darin." And if Mark C. had been the last to post at the time I posted my rules caveat, it would have been addressed to Mark rather than Bobby.

I understand from Bagpus's post that your first name really is Bobby, but have no idea whether Darin is your real last name or a Web ID (my real first name is Daividh, without the quotes). In any case I happen to have been a fan of Bobby Darin all thru his career (I'm closer to 60 than 40), and my wife's about worn out Kevin Spacey's "Beyond the Sea" CD in the car stereo.

As to multiple users on the same computer, I'm not sure how you read "can't afford" into "scarcity of PCs." I've been made redundant without warning more than once in my own career, and know it's devastating and stressful both financially and psychologically. You certainly have my sympathy and good wishes that your situation improves. But it's certainly nothing to be ashamed of, nor would I EVER poke fun at someone for being unemployed against their will.

Bobby, I hope we can both consider this matter closed as I have no intention of continuing a dialogue about something intended not as an attack but as an impersonal reminder of board rules.


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