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Subject: Re: For a novel: what kind of personality goes with these names?
Author: Yahalome   (guest)
Date: November 5, 2002 at 10:29:20 PM
Reply to: For a novel: what kind of personality goes with these names? by Sharon
Tell me what your perception of them is before you read this. Of course different people will see them differently. I know three 'Julia's besides myself, and they are not a bit alike, but the name fits perfectly. It is very uncommon in real life to find someone who's name doesn't fit them. I have seen it in a few badly written books, but not often. When you start writing, if the names don't fit, you'll know right off; unless you're a very poor writer. But I don't think ANYONE who WANTS to write is: I think that a poor writer is a person who says, "Oh, how fun! I'm going to write a book!" with no prior experience, or someone who cannot put their thought on paper. (That just takes training.)
I see Elias as a slight, maybe frail boy, with great strength of mind, and stong principles. Alexei: Alex makes me think tall, handsome, bold, and daring; but the -ei ending sounds frail again. That is probably from reading the Royal Diary book by Scholastic about Anastasia, and her little brother.
I agree with Beth and Emily about Will. Strong and courageous, quiet, pleasant, caring, handsome. Hero-type, but not dashing. Quiet, but not shy. Good luck with your book! I just finished my first, and I'm researching publishing stuff.
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