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Subject: On constructed languages
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: November 11, 2002 at 8:39:16 AM
Reply to: Phonetics and Linguistics by Silver
Constructed languages are a fascinating topic. Off-hand I can think of the following cases:

-- Esperanto (with which Nanaea is well versed). This international language -- complete with literature -- was originally meant to bind the world closer together. It is a wonderful (if failed) experiment.

-- Macedonian (not to be confused with Greek, the language of Alexander and his Macedonian Empire). A Slavic language constructed under the orders of Marshall Tito for the Bulgarian-speaking people of (the then) southern Yugoslavia. The language is basically Bulgarian, but includes Serbo-Croatian elements, and served Tito’s two-fold strategy of:
a)Alienating the Bulgarian population of Yugoslavia from Bulgaria (for example, Tito decreed that the suffix “-ski” be added to all Bulgarian names in Yugoslavia – eg. Filev became Filevski – and dubbed such names “Macedonian”), and
b)Creating the a setting for potential Yugoslav expansion in Greek Macedonia (which never materialized).

-- Hebrew: Not really constructed, but “revived”. It is amazing how an ancient language was brought back to life and is used as the official language of a (also revived!) country :)

Can anyone think of another "constructed" language? (please dont refer to Klingon!)

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