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Subject: Re: To Y.
Author: Yahalome   (guest)
Date: November 17, 2002 at 12:08:10 AM
Reply to: To Y. by Silver
ñ and ll are not needed, just like our English q and x.

wh = what, why, where, when, which. NOT who, whom, whose, whole, whore.
w = was, were, witch, war, west, win.

you mean that when whispered, and when spoken u get the same sound

eh in set, bet, debt, yet, tell, less. ay in hay, say, weight, wait, date, hate. These sounds are similar, but there is a difference, too.

I've deleted a lot of vowels from my list, because to me: ay = eh-ee, i = ah-ee; oi/oy = oh-ee, ow/ou = ah-oo, etc. But I would like to cross reference on that.

Short a in hat, dad, staff, half, task, bath, swag.

Guttural French r...Yes, probably, but I've no idea what it sounds like. :(

That's not in order, but I think I've answered all your questions. Oh, yes, don't worry about asking me; it makes me feel really grown-up and mature to tell an older person something new! ;P :D Y :)

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