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Subject: i hate making topics...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: November 18, 2002 at 7:19:12 PM
Ok first I just wanted to... "repost" my Tallulah inquery.
It was, why is Tallulah listed as english, even tho it says it is from a native language.
And why is it not in the native names list??

Next, Ambrosia.
Is ambrosia not the food of the gods, specifially Greek ones.
Is it not nectar from sort of flower?

Lastly, my latest compiled list of names... its a shorty, but a goody.
Please consider adding them, pweety please ^_^

Kieala - (f), my guess is a variant of Kiara
Tanver - (f) I believe we had someone post under this name once, I was interested and found 2 other ppl with this name, I also found the name Tamber, and Tanber, so I thought maybe it came from T + Amber.. but seems far fetched, for the record Tanber sounds like a a bird/ fake christmas tree...
Demeria - (f) I see Deemer on this site, so perhaps this is a female version
Iara - (f) no idea...
Oriana - (f) from Orian + Ana
Quijada - (m) this is of Middle Eastern backround
Draiden - (m) varient of Braiden
Imirie - (f) this makes me think of Imagery or Imogen, or could be a vairent on Marie
Horosha - (f) Russian for beautiful, and i know that for real, and it really is a name (this is the one i really want added...)
Fier(e)- proud in french, without the e, masculin, with, feminine

Alright these next two are special to me
Ever - I have seen this as unisex. I know several ppl in my home town with this name. When it is pronounced like the english word "ever" it is always used for a girl, when pronunced with a french accent like the french word "Hiver" (winter) it is unisex
Everé / Everie / Everié - These are always female, now this reminds me of the name Avery

So my thoughts are Everé (the most common spelling), could be a French form of Avery.
Or, it could be from the french word "Hiver" winter, and influenced by Avery, or the english word Ever.
Or it could be one of the later two, influenced by one or both of the other points.
If anyone can help me this one, I would like to know if there is a concrete meaning and backround to it.
My friends mom's name is Everé, and she was named after her father, Ever. Both pronunced in the french way.

Thanks a CABOODLE!! (yes i passed my illiteracy test... wait... awwwww @#$& !!!)


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