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Meaning & History

From the Late Latin name Ambrosius, which was derived from the Greek name Αμβροσιος (Ambrosios) meaning "immortal". Saint Ambrose was a 4th-century theologian and bishop of Milan, who is considered a Doctor of the Church. Due to the saint, the name came into general use in Christian Europe, though it was never particularly common in England.
Feminine FormAmbrosine
Other Languages & CulturesAmbrosios, Ambrosius Ancient Greek Ambrozije Croatian Ambrož Czech Ambroos, Broos Dutch Ambroise French Ambrosi Georgian Ambrus Hungarian Ambrogio, Ambrogino, Giotto Italian Broos Limburgish Ambroży Polish Ambrósio Portuguese Ambrož Slovene Ambrosio Spanish Emrys Welsh


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