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Subject: -doesnt see the problem-
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: December 4, 2002 at 5:12:51 PM
Reply to: anyone else annoyed with... by x
With guys names being used as girls names, I do have a problem, because somenames which were male in origin, are now seen as female. They are taking good names from boys, and leaving boys open to the possibility of ridicule because a girl shares their name. Plus, its never done oppositly. There was an interesting conversation aroused by this very contreversory before on this site, not to long ago. i really have a bad memory, so maybe someone else can help you with that much.
Creative spelling really depend on the name, and 'how creative'. I personally don't like people 'destroying names', for eg. names that are used by stars, sports players, shows, characters etc etc and ppl automatically relate that name with that person. Its great if its a positive reference, but if that personality goes on a drug binge, it reflects on children with that name. when people alter spellings to the point they are not legible, and people constantly pronounce the name wrong, this is frustrating for the child, and relativly cruel. When people say "i found/made a NEW name" when all that happened is they can't spell... and they come on here saying whats the meaning... it hurts my brain to keep things polite. Simply alterations like Chrystal, to Krystal, i think can be good, the child has a bit more individuality. Personally, growing up with a VERY common name, I wish my parents altered the spelling (specifically to reflect my gaelic heritage). But when people take Allison to Ahlysun, or something like such, u just destroyed a usable name.
Again with made up names, it depends. I am getting tired of people taking common names and suffixs and adding 'la' or something like such to the front and calling it a new name reflective of their heritage... its really not... its you adding 'la' to a name.Sometimes when people do something like take the name of two grandfatehrs and murge them, it can be quite handsome/pretty, and has some meaning... but to those who take random letters, stick them together, then put in vowels in between, and claim its a name... you need a hobby.. (personally). A child can scramble letters. People are looking to promote individuality, but they are pushing it to a point that children are ridiculed and they dont take into account what the child will have to go through, they are to full of themselves and how 'brilliant' their boggle game was... for example a family friend, a long while back had a son, the mother sadly died during birth, and the little boy was named Rosson, after Rose his mother, as in Rose's son. This I like, but Tyhikadilia (yes i just made that up) is not a name, and people please stop trying to make such things names! THEY ARE NOT!!!

Im babbling... im tired... im being redundant


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