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Subject: Re: I'm back!!! with a question!!!
Author: Silver   (guest,
Date: August 12, 2003 at 3:03:36 PM
Reply to: Re: I'm back!!! with a question!!! by Ivayla
I'm not getting the whole 'personifcation' of death thing. I know what to personify means, I just don't get how one is to personify death, and the difference between that aspect of Morana to Chenobog.

Has anyone seen a good Slavic creation story. All sources say that Lada, Goddess of Love, bore all the gods, yet as well it is said that Rod came out of 'the egg' first. I need to know which was first.

I need a last name meaning 'happiness' for a male character. (His god is Bialobog (Byelobog on this site), god of light and happiness).

If anyone has info on any of the following gods, (solid info, not ur personal ideas please, as much as i value them this is some serious work):

Rugievit/Ruevit (sometimes the same god)



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