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Subject: Ephrael or Ephreal
Author: Leapin_lizard   (guest)
Date: March 12, 2007 at 12:57:49 PM
Hey all,
My husband and I are going to try to have a baby this summer. We already have a boys' name picked out, but he wants to name a girl "Ephreal" that's "eff-RE-l" sounds like Gabriel but with an "eff" sound at the begining. I told him I don't like made up names and he needed to make sure it was a real name (BTW, I think it's really pretty, but just want to make sure it's a real name) So, my question is, has anybody heard of it before? My guess is that it's a (little used) female form of "Ephraim" but I'm not sure. Anyone have any instances of it? Thanks.


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