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Given Name RAPHAEL
GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: רָפָאֵל, רְפָאֵל (Ancient Hebrew), Ραφαηλ (Ancient Greek)
PRONOUNCED: ra-fa-EL (French), RAF-ee-el (English), RAY-fee-əl (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
From the Hebrew name רָפָאֵל (Rafa'el) which meant "God has healed". In Hebrew tradition Raphael was the name of one of the seven archangels. He appears in the Old Testament in the Book of Tobit, where it is told how he aided Tobias. This name has never been common in the English-speaking world, though it has been well-used elsewhere in Europe. A famous bearer was the 16th-century Renaissance master Raphael Sanzio (usually known simply as Raphael).
Related Names
VARIANTS: Rafael, Raffael (German), Raphaël (French)
FEMININE FORM: Raphaela (German)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Rafa'el (Biblical Hebrew), Rafaël, Raf (Dutch), Rafael (Hungarian), Raffaele, Raffaello (Italian), Rafael (Macedonian), Rafał (Polish), Rafael, Rafinha (Portuguese), Rafael (Slovene), Rafael, Rafa (Spanish)
United States  ranked #537 
England and Wales  ranked #231 
Austria  ranked #11 
Belgium  ranked #34 
France  ranked #11 
Netherlands  - 
Switzerland  ranked #60