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Subject: RE: Lilith
Author: ADT   (Authenticated as ADT)
Date: August 5, 2005 at 11:08:42 AM
Reply to: Re: my name by Miss Claire
Why isn't Lilith a good idea?

I totally think that that inappropriate of you to say - maybe some people believe in women's rights / voice.

I read your link and...

She is NOT a figure of evil. She is a woman who chose NOT to be submissive to a man and hence she got punished.

"In Jewish mythology, Lilith was indeed the first wife of Adam, created from the dirt and dust, as he was. According to the legend, Adam and Lilith ended up arguing about who would be dominant - Lilith refused to submit; so did Adam. As a result, Lilith left Adam and the Garden of Eden. Yes, since Lilith refused to submit, one could see her as independent, just as one could see Adam as independent for not submitting to Lilith. And yes, Lilith was known for tempting men in their sleep. However, this wondrous view of Lilith, the "independent free spirit" leaves out some critical details. "

An independent woman poses a threat to patrarchy. If you study theology you'll know that all independent women are "evil."

You might find this interesting:

My sister's confirmation name is Lilith and I think that it's the greatest thing ever.

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