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Subject: Re: meaning of my name??
Author: Satu   (guest,
Date: September 13, 2003 at 12:35:10 AM
Reply to: meaning of my name?? by Inken Nätebus
Moin Inken!

Your last name is really rare - I just found 15 people in the telephone register (incl. spelling variant Naetebus). Unfortunately I have got no idea what that name means or where it comes from.

Inken on the other hand is a very common name in northern Germany. There are two possible origins for Inken:

1) Inken is a pet form for Inka / Inke, Frisian and Low German variants for the Old Norse name Inga / Inge, meaning "devoted to the god Yngvi".

2) Inken is a pet form for Enka / Enke, Frisian short forms for Old German names beginning with Eg- (Egberta etc.). That prefix means "(cutting) edge (of a weapon)"

Hope that helps!

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