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Given Name INGE
GENDER: Feminine & Masculine
PRONOUNCED: ING-e (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish), ING-gə (German), ING-ə (Dutch)   [key]
Meaning & History
Short form of Scandinavian and German names beginning with the element ing, which refers to the Germanic god ING. In Sweden and Norway this is primarily a masculine name, elsewhere it is usually feminine.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Inga (Danish), Inka (German)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Inga, Ingeburg, Ingomar, Ingulf, Ingo (Ancient Germanic), Inga, Ingi, Ingibjörg, Ingigerðr, Ingimárr, Ingólfr, Ingríðr (Ancient Scandinavian), Inka, Inkeri (Finnish), Inka (Frisian), Ing (Germanic Mythology), Inga (Icelandic), Inga (Latvian), Inga (Lithuanian), Inga (Russian)
Netherlands  ranked #453 
Norway  -