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_satu_  9/3/2006
Inge was the name of an underage female soldier shown in The Downfall (Der Untergang).
dresden  1/27/2007
'Inge' is a name that is very uncommonly given to a boy.
Nerd  1/29/2009
I knew a girl once named Inge, so have always thought of it as a feminine name.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2010
Inge is the name of Helga Pataki's nanny who her father hired (and later fired) in one episode of Hey Arnold. She always dressed in traditional Swiss clothing and even made Helga wear a Swiss dress.
Buneary  5/24/2014
Inge Thomson is a Scottish singer, drummer and accrdionist.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2017
This is a beautiful, strong name, which I really like. Although I think that outside of Germany/Scandinavia Inga would work better.
mairinn  12/5/2017
I think it's "sing a song," minus "s" and "song" -ing ah.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2018

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