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Subject: Care to speculate with me?
Author: Katharine   (guest)
Date: December 10, 2003 at 9:01:37 PM
My name has always meant pure. I've always been told so, and more or less accepted it despite how unfairly the definition fits me. It's just not interesting. Then I stumble on this site and discover that my English name is actually derived from Greek, and moreso, has been historically misinterpretted by the Romans to come from Katharos, meaning pure. The definition most likely is "each of the two." How obscure!!!! I was thinking along the lines of the Greecian mythology on the origin of human kind and sex and things like that. There were orininally three sets of two humans, stuck together. Two men, Two women, and a man and a woman. They were struck apart by a lightening bolt for some reason I can't recall. That's the origin of "soulmates," to find the person you would have really been stuck to. My confusion is in whether Katharine means that I am already both of those people together, or one alone, looking for the other.

Comments and speculation would be greatly appreciated!


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