GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: MEE-SHEL (French), mi-SHEL (English)  [details]

Meaning & History

French feminine form of MICHEL. It has been common in the English-speaking world since the middle of the 20th century.
VARIANTS: Michèle (French), Michele (English)
DIMINUTIVES: Micheline (French), Chelle, Shell, Michelyne (English), Micha (Dutch)
MASCULINE FORMS: Michel (French), Michael, Micheal (English), Maikel, Michaël, Michael, Michel, Michiel (Dutch)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Mihaela (Bulgarian), Micaela (Catalan), Mihaela (Croatian), Michaela, Michala, Míša (Czech), Mikaela, Mikkeline (Danish), Mikaela (Finnish), Michaela, Micha, Michi (German), Micaela, Michela, Michelina (Italian), Mihaela (Macedonian), Mikaela (Norwegian), Michalina (Polish), Micaela, Miguela (Portuguese), Mihaela (Romanian), Michaela (Slovak), Mihaela, Miša (Slovene), Micaela, Miguela (Spanish), Michaela, Mikaela (Swedish), Mykhaila (Ukrainian)


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Entry updated July 2, 2017