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Gender Feminine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. SHEHL
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Meaning & History

Short form of MICHELLE or SHELLEY. It can also be simply from the English word shell (ultimately from Old English sciell).
VariantsChelle, Michelyne
Masculine FormsMichael, Micheal
Other Languages & CulturesMihaela(Bulgarian) Micaela(Catalan) Mihaela(Croatian) Michaela, Michala(Czech) Mikaela, Mikkeline(Danish) Michelle, Micha(Dutch) Mikaela(Finnish) Michèle, Michelle, Micheline(French) Michaela(German) Michaela(Greek) Micaela, Michela(Italian) Mihaela(Macedonian) Mikaela(Norwegian) Michalina(Polish) Micaela, Miguela(Portuguese) Mihaela(Romanian) Michaela(Slovak) Mihaela(Slovene) Micaela, Miguela(Spanish) Michaela, Mikaela(Swedish) Mykhaila(Ukrainian)


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