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Subject: different spellings of 'Tia, Thia, Tea, Thea...)
Author: dibsii   (guest)
Date: December 17, 2003 at 4:23:25 AM
Dear Mike - thankyou for this site - I have used it a lot!

I just wondered if you could advise give me your opinion on the following:

We want to name our daughter 'Tiabella', but my husband put this name in a search engine and nearly all the links were to porn items (apparently there is 1 particular lady with this name who has a lot of videos out!)

So we are thinking about different spellings before Bella:

Thea,Thia,Tea,Tiya,Tija. Our current best is 'Thea' but you show this pronounced as 'th-theology' rather than t-top. Could you (or anyone else) give us your opinion on whether people will always say the name the wrong way. Or do you think we are silly to reject Tiabella on the basis of this. The difficulty is it is an unusual name so there are no other famous people with it!

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