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Subject: Re: how do you pronounce SORCHA???
Author: Tippins   (Authenticated as blaaarg)
Date: June 16, 2008 at 10:15:34 AM
Reply to: how do you pronounce SORCHA??? by walterkelly724
I know a family with Irish parents who live down the street from me, in America. They have children named Conor, Eoghan, Sorcha, and Ruarch. I know we are not pronouncing any of their names exactly the Irish way, but the way we American-ize them is as follows:

Conor: just like Connor
Eoghan: exactly identical to Owen
Sorcha: SOR-ka. Like the word Sore or Soar + kuh/ka.
Ruarch: Rork. Like Fork with an R.

So I think that even though the exact precise Irish pronunciation is slightly different, Sore-ka is a safe adaptation for English speakers.

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