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Subject: Yes, it's Irish, but it's also Hebrew (m)
Author: Noa   (Authenticated as Noa)
Date: August 26, 2008 at 7:25:28 AM
Reply to: Re: Limor by bananarama
Each language coincidentally uses the same set of sounds as a word (each uses it as a different word) and both words are name-y words. Plant names are widely used in Israel. Mor is the name of a plant that people make perfume and incense out of (so it's a plant that smells good) and thus fits into Israeli naming trends. The Gaelic word Mor fits into Irish naming trends.

It's a short name, so I don't think it's very surprising that it has two seperate etymologies.

Examples of names in the database with a few seperate etymologies: Nina, Maya, Aina.

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