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Subject: Question about Zrinka?
Author: Allegra   (Authenticated as Allegra)
Date: October 16, 2005 at 10:18:25 AM
I was watching a movie the other day, don't ask me what movie, my SO's a movie freak and we own about 2000 DVD's.. any of which we watch at any time.

Anyway, me being the credits watcher that I am noticed the name Zrinka and thought it not only looked pretty, it sounds pretty. I figure from looks it's a nickname of sorts and upon doing a google search, it seems to be a name from the Balkan area (Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, etc.) and wondered if anyone knows what it might be short for or what it means.

this site has nothing on Zrinka (Zarinka is a variation of Zrinka I've seen) and my usual sources (family) have nothing to offer either. 'Poland, Ukraine & Hungary are a bit different from the Balkans dear' I was told. *sigh*
Just based on sound, I think it may be a nickname for a variant of Kristina but am not sure and since I can't verify it anywhere, I'm turning to you folks.

HELP anyone ?
Thanks in advance,

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