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Subject: What Language, if any specific, did my name come from?
Author: Margali   (guest)
Date: March 1, 2004 at 6:38:44 PM
My name is Margali. I posted on this board in 2002 with one response as my name may be Celtic. I think Margali could be used in just about any language. If you put the right accent on it, it sounds normal. I have seen it used in German context, Russian, and also Arabic/Persian/Farsi. It is also related to English (British). Are there any other languages my name could have evolved from? It also sounds good in Spanish, Italian, and even French. Or, if anyone knows where my name originated, I would greatly appreciate knowing! :) I live in America by the way. Thanks.
P.S.(My nick-name is Margi - with a hard G, unlike a J).
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