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Subject: Re: Actually, Alan...
Author: Chrisell   (guest)
Date: March 3, 2004 at 11:41:04 PM
Reply to: Re: Actually, Alan... by S Llywarch
I don't think you quite understood what Merriment meant:

"If it was 'non-existent', how's it 'reintroduced'?"

She meant that it is not found in Wales until it is introduced by the Normans.

"You claim it is a Breton name; where did Breton come from?"

Breton is the language spoken in Brittany, a coastal area of France. It is a Celtic language related to Welsh.

"Where do you get the info that the river(s) where called Alan and not Alun?"

Merriment didn't say that the rivers were called Alan not Alun; she said that, during the mediaeval period, parents had been using Alan as a given name, but not the river name, Alun.

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