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Subject: Re: Satu!
Author: Satu   (guest,
Date: March 22, 2004 at 9:48:29 PM
Reply to: Satu! by Caprice
Hej Caprice,

Yes, Mika in Finnish is short for Mikael. New moon in Finnish is 'uusikuu' and that's not used as a first name.

Preita is not a Finnish name at all. (Love in Finnish is 'rakkaus' - not a name either). Preita seems to be a variant of the Indian name Preet which means 'love'.

I don't know anything about the name Kahlo, I'm sorry. There's a Finnish word 'kahle' which means fetter / chain. Or it might be related to the German word (and surname) 'kahl' which means bald.
No - that were just wild guesses, I really have no idea! ;)


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